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Board / Supreme Council Member Manual

DeMolay Australia - Building Tomorrow's Leaders Today

The PDF documents on this page can be accessed using Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar PDF reader).

This Manual is designed for prospective Board and Supreme Council members.  Review is mandatory.

It is also mandatory to complete the Step In, Step Up Training from the Institute of Community Directors Australia which can be found at the end of this manual.


DeMolay is the world’s premier youth organisation for young men between the ages of 12 and 21.

DeMolay Australia is dedicated to protecting the youth in our charge and will strictly adhere to any and all relevant legislation. To that end, we will regularly review all child protection laws across the nation and where laws are amended, we will amend our policies, procedures and practices accordingly.

Further, DeMolay Australia Ltd ABN 27 618 445 444 is an unlisted public company overseen by Australian Government regulators.  Consequently, it must managed honestly, transparently and competently and in accordance with the law and our own high standards of conduct and morality at all times.

DeMolay extends our members’ education beyond the classroom preparing them with life skills well ahead of their peers.  Active membership is open to young men between the ages of 12 and 21 who express a belief in a Supreme Being.

The Order of DeMolay was founded in Kansas City, Missouri, USA in 1919 by a group of Freemasons headed by Dad Frank Sherman Land, a 330 Freemason and social worker.  At the time the Order was founded, Dad Land became aware that there were a number good young men in the city and local area that needed father figures to assist in their development.

Since then, the Order of DeMolay grown to become an international organisation with Chapters in USA, Canada, Brazil, Philippines, Italy, Greece, Australia and many other countries.

DeMolay was established to give those young men positive and strong male role models with the aim of guiding them to be positive and strong adults and leaders.

Since then, in excess of 3,000,000 young men have passed through the organisation.

The Order has been in Australia since 1951 in various forms and is currently rebuilding after some years of decline.

Like Freemasonry, our Chapters meet twice a month and our ceremonies are focused on our core values of respect, reverence, comradeship, fidelity, cleanness and citizenship coupled with discipline, education, planning and participating in fun activities.

Unlike Freemasonry, we only have two Degrees.  The Initiatory Degree (our joining ceremony) focusses on our core values above and the DeMolay Degree (further education and guidance) focusses on fidelity, truthfulness and loyalty.

Activities are led by our youth members and provide the opportunity to learn meeting procedure, organise activities, develop public speaking and more.

We are a family based, social organisation and partner closely with the wider Masonic family.

We encourage parents / guardians to be fully involved in their son’s development with a range of different activities suitable for their age and level of commitment.

DeMolay builds tomorrow’s leaders today and develops responsible adult citizens for the world of tomorrow.

We currently have one Chapter in both Sydney and Melbourne.  Contact details can be found here (scroll down when you get to the page!).

Further, DeMolay Australia is dedicated and committed to providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for our youth members, including, but not limited to:

  • Providing a culturally safe environment in which the unique identities and experiences of children and young people from all ethnic, cultural, religious and other backgrounds (including Aboriginal children and young people) are respected and valued;
  • Ensuring that child safety and the wellbeing of our youth membership are core to our activities and is a core to our organisational leadership, governance and culture;
  • Ensuring that our youth membership is informed and empowered about their rights, participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously;
  • Strong and frequent communication and reinforcement with youth members, their families and Adult Volunteers promoting child safety and wellbeing;
  • Upholding equity and respecting diverse needs in policy and practice;
  • Ensuring that our adult leaders are suitable to work with children and young people and are supported to reflect child safety and wellbeing in practice;
  • Ensuring that our process for complaints and concerns are child focused;
  • Supporting our adult leaders so that they are equipped with the knowledge to keep children and young people safe through ongoing education and training;
  • Promoting safety and wellbeing in physical and online environments while minimizing the opportunity for children and young people to be harmed;
  • Regular review and improvement of all policies, procedures and practices relating to the safety of children and young people;
  • Maintenance of documented policies and procedures demonstrating how DeMolay Australia is safe for children and young people.

Finally, you are required to review our Trained Advisor On-Line Training before proceeding (there’s no need to do the Knowledge Quiz again!).

Authority to Operate

The Order of DeMolay worldwide is controlled by the International Supreme Council Order of DeMolay who has licenced The Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay of Australia (Supreme Council) which is a sub-committee of the Board of DeMolay Australia Ltd ABN 27 618 445 444 (DAL) to operate exclusively the Order of DeMolay in Australia.

Here are the relative historical documents giving effect to this:

We also have a Services Agreement with International Supreme Council Order of DeMolay for access to DeMolay International eScribe Advisor Training.

Important Information / Documents

DAL started operation at midnight on Tuesday 31 October 2017 when it took over the assets, liabilities and undertakings of:

  • The Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay of Australia (an unincorporated association);
  • The New South Wales Grand Council Order of DeMolay (an unincorporated association)
  • The Queensland DeMolay Grand Council Inc. ABN 52 141 167 760 (an incorporated association).

This abolished the old structure of of State Grand Councils reporting to the Supreme Council and replaced it with a structure where there is only one entity – DeMolay Australia Ltd ABN 27 618 445 444 – which controls the Order of DeMolay in Australia under licence from DeMolay International.  This structure allows DAL to purchase relative insurances required to operate throughout Australia.

The Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay of Australia (Supreme Council) is a sub-committee of the Board of DAL to which the Board has delegated all its authority.

Supreme Council meets on the evening of the third Wednesday every month except November which is when the Annual General Meeting is held.

Supreme Council does not employ staff.  The administrative members, who are all volunteers, are:

  • Grand Master (who is also the Board Chairman);
  • Deputy Grand Master (who is also Deputy Board Chairman);
  • Executive Director (who is also the Company Secretary);
  • Grand Secretary – a non-voting member of Supreme Council;
  • Deputy Grand Secretary – a non-voting member of Supreme Council and
  • Grand Treasurer – a non-voting member of Supreme Council.

Their duties are outlined in the Statutes and Chapter Regulations.

Recent Supreme Council Minutes can be found here:

Details of coming events can be found here.

Please also review the following documents:

Board / Supreme Council Member Responsibilities

Given the nature of our organisation and the young men we serve, the highest standards of behaviour and conduct are expected.  Please specifically review our Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Board / Supreme Council Membership is not a reward or an honour.  It is a job and you will be expected to work and contribute to the ongoing success of the Order of DeMolay of Australia.

Turning up at meetings is not sufficient.  We must all be prepared to roll up our sleeves to get the job done.  It will be hard work.

If you are unable to commit to this level of involvement and participation, please reconsider your nomination now.

Please review the following documents:

If you are nomination to be a Board Member, you will also be required to provide details of your Australian Director Identification Number from the Australian Business Registry Services before you will be permitted to take up your Board (including Supreme Council) Membership.

On receipt, please email Director Identification Number (which must include your full name) to the Executive Director at ed@demolay.org.au.


If you would like a mentor, please contact either:

who will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Step In, Step Up Director Training

This training is mandatory if you have not completed it in the last 5 years and must be completed before you will be permitted to take up your Board / Supreme Council Membership.

The training is provided by the Australian Institute of Community Directors (click on the link) and is to be completed at your own cost.

On completion, please email your completion certificate to the Executive Director at ed@demolay.org.au.


Your feedback on this Manual is valuable to us.

If you wish, please email your comments, etc to the Executive Director at ed@demolay.org.au.