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Trained Advisor / Accredited Trained Advisor Trainer Training

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The PDF documents on this page can be accessed using Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar PDF reader).

This training is designed to be delivered by a DeMolay Australia Accredited Trained Advisor Trainer.  Please do not attempt to do it on your own as parts of it may not be easy to understand without detailed explanation.  Thank you 🙂

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Policies & Procedures


  • Also see “Membership Eligibility Policy” above.
  • Trained Advisors:
    See “Trained Advisor / Accredited Trained Advisor Trainer Application Form” and the documents following it under “Policies and Procedures” above.
  • Advisory Council:
    The Advisory Council consists of a minimum of six (6) “Dads” or “Mums” (i.e., DeMolay Australia Trained Advisors).  There is no maximum, but any more than ten (10) becomes unwieldy given our past experience.  The Advisory Council should consist of the following officers: Chairman, Secretary, Chapter Dad and Merit Bars Mentor.  As the Chapter is the only body allowed to operate a bank account, there is no need for a Treasurer.  We suggest that the Advisory Council should meet monthly in the initial stages and then at least once every two (2) months.

Chapter Operation

The key is to HAVE FUN whilst learning and developing!!!  If I don’t enjoy it, I won’t be back.

Knowledge Quiz

To finalise your training, please complete the Knowledge Quiz available here https://www.classmarker.com/ using the Username and Password previously advised to you by the Executive Director, DeMolay Australia.  You must achieve a pass mark of 80.00% to finalise the training.  When you have done this, please advise the Executive Director, DeMolay Australia at