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DeMolay Australia is the biggest club in the world for 12 to 21 year old guys. We're similar to PCYC (Police & Citizens Youth Club), Scouts, Rotary, Cadets or Lions Club in that we're a not-for-profit people and community organisation, offering a fun, safe and active/hands-on experience for members, parents and families. What makes DeMolay different and immensely more successful for its members is the fact that DeMolays are empowered through their own motivation and responsibility to plan for the group and their own development. In doing this, members gain invaluable life experience, memories and skills so vital for tomorrow's successful generation - all skills you won't learn in school. In DeMolay you can do any number of activities such as playing sport, video games and watching movies to camping, rockclimbing or skiing. There are no limits to what we do, though our activities must of course be safe, legal and fun for our members.

Once you join, you'll learn many new things such as how to run and participate in meetings, learn parliamentary procedure, organise and plan events and you'll improve your public speaking so you can speak to a large audience of people. These skills will all be invaluable once you're older as many of our past members have said. The adults, leaders and advisors of DeMolay all sit in the background, offering advice or support and keep members from harm. This allows an avenue for parents to be involved in their son's development as we are always striving to be a family organisation compatible with today's modern society. As a DeMolay you will be given the opportunity to grow, lead and develop, to be one of the leading citizens of tomorrow, but if you just want to have fun and make some of the best friends you've ever made, that's fine too! It's really that simple! No catch. Just a willingness to participate and apply yourself during these prime years of your life.

DeMolay was started in 1919 by 'Dad' Frank S Land, and our time-honoured teaching methods have seen many members go on to be leading names in their fields. Bill Clinton, Walt Disney, John Wayne and many other well-known people have been DeMolays in their past. So don't hesitate! Send your email enquiries to info [at] demolay [dot} org [dot} au and we'll get back to you soon. We can send you more information and you can find out more about what DeMolay will do for you and how you use the skills you've learned for years to come! If you want to sign up right now, click here for an online Membership Application Form. We can then contact you to complete the process. There are absolutely no obligations and you can pull out at any time.

(For girls too, visit our sister organisations, the "Job's Daughters" or "Rainbows" at Friends4Life.)

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